shanachie_quill (shanachie_quill) wrote,

Happy Valentine's Day (ahead of time)

snagged from [personal profile] evil_little_dog 

She remembers penny cards... I think mine were a quarter. And just this week, a co-worker talked about decorating a box with her son.

Well...I can't actually give you any penny Valentine cards but I might be able to do something else you'd appreciate.

If you want to participate, leave me a comment with some sort of prompt (please do not leave me a fandom as I may not know it) and I will in turn post something for you. It could be a little ficlet or picspam or something I think you would enjoy!

As I will be writing a paper from Sunday to Friday, it is possible my stories will be delayed.

And if you want to do this in your space, feel free!
Tags: vday fic
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