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Writing Round-Up for 2019

So my writing was sadly lacking this year, BUT I also completed my Gifted Classwork. In addition, I traveled to Utah for a fantastic conference (met Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher among other fantastic authors and people), acquired 3 more people in my house, had a shed taken down, and worked on an application to grad school (and got accepted!) So although my writing was slacking… my life was swamped!

Since my original fic is the least (I might have more… but I’ve let my membership lapse), we’ll go through that first.

I spent the month of October prepping a longer novel, now I just need to find the time to actually write it. I have two short stories from there still online and also my application essay for grad school.

The Surface World

A Helping Hand

Maker Spaces

In addition, I wrote the following things that are no longer online:
Dear Me (2019 addition)
Path to the Throne

Fanfic was also a slow year, but I posted the following stories (with fandoms).

Inked Memories (Need for Speed)

Intro to Autoshop (Need for Speed AU)

Vacation Interruptus (Strike Back)

Something Suspicious in Atlantis (Stargate: Atlantis)

Ultimate Writing Meme (Teen Wolf/Avengers) I had/have more of these to do, but it just hasn’t happened.

Tether (Avengers specifically Endgame)

Unexpected Homecoming (SG-1)

A New Life (Killjoys)

39 Stories of Comment Fic (Captain America, MCU, Need for Speed, Legends of Tomorrow, Nancy Drew, Stargate: Atlantis, Original fic, Stargate: SG-1, Hawaii Five-0—2010, Leverage, Teen Wolf (TV), Greek Mythology, Criminal Minds, Iron Man, and Supernatural)
So that’s all of it… like I said a very brief writing year.
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