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To Do

The infamous to do list... this is for the next week. I'm off work until 11/27, but clearly I'll be busy!

1. Lesson plans
2. Sew
3. Christmas cards
4. Clean off tables
5. Clean out boxes (including moving things out)
6. Put food away
7. Fix bathroom light
8. Clean out storage place with mom

9. Write: Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
10. Look up song/title rights for Guardians
11. Work on student books
12. Finish Grading--decided not to do until I get back to work
13. Finish new theme
14. Look for new illustrator
15. Return things to Walmart
16. Pack boxes
a. Rob
b. Molly
c. Neiders
d. Emmy

17. Update Data Notebooks--I'll do these when I return to work
18. Soundtracks
a. Hamilton
b. Sweeny Todd?
19. Find test prep stuff
20. Dentist 9am Monday (arrive 8:30)

21. Put up tree
22. Decorate

23. Laundry Sat Sat
24. Hang pictures
25. Gram’s pic
26. Pattern on bag

27. Print fic list
28. Fix warmespeil
29. Dishes
30. DP IEP I do need to finish some things on it tomorrow
31. Show list
32. Review (hopefully before Sunday)
33. Horse thing with Chicklet and Mommy at 4pm Sat

34. Write B
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