Come Home to Me

Come Home To Me
Is My contribution To The Home Front Anthology Releasing November 5th, 2020

・゚: ・゚: Homefront Anthology :・゚:・゚
A new anthology presented by R&R Publishing Company featuring authors Reb Kreyling, C.M. Lehsten, E.S. McMillan and K. Ries
Sign-up for the Cover Reveal and/or Release: https://forms.gle/7sc9Su32QoTQfhv78
Cover Reveal: October 9, 2020
Release Date: November 5, 2020
Pre-order Now » https://amzn.to/362NyZR
Add to your TBR » https://bit.ly/3hYcWm7
They wake to an empty side of the bed.
They wait for that five-minute phone call.
They break down and cry because they miss them.
They force a smile because their pride and love is stronger than anything else.
It would be easy to walk away, but they choose to get up and stand strong next to their heroes.
Families make sacrifices together.
All proceeds from this anthology will go to the EOD Warrior Foundation.

Homefront Anthology

"Homefront Anthology" presented by R&R Publishing Co. featuring authors Reb Kreyling, C.M. Lehsten, E.S. McMillan, K. Ries, and CM Seidel will release exclusively on Amazon on November 5, 2020. Please sign-up below to receive media kits for the cover reveal and release day. If you are a blogger, you...



Books, Fanfic, and Television

I thought I would keep a list of the books I'm reading and the movies/tv shows I'm watching during this time. I haven't read as much as I was hoping, but I'm getting somewhere.

I've read a bunch of fanfic for one. If anyone is interested in what I've read... I don't know what to tell ya since I haven't been keeping track. And here you go... I managed to start keeping track: Fanfic Recs

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Boom! Fandoms collide

 I decided to rent Mindgamers today because I wanted to see Oliver Stark in it.

I'm still watching it... (It's a mind trip all right).

But low and behold... guess who's also in it? Tom Payne.

So 911 meets Prodigal Son??
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 Anyone speak decent Spanish and is willing/able to check my translations once I'm done with my story?

Alternatively, anyone want to beta a 9*1*1* fic? I'm not sure how long it's going to be...
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Happy Valentine's Day (ahead of time)

snagged from [personal profile] evil_little_dog 

She remembers penny cards... I think mine were a quarter. And just this week, a co-worker talked about decorating a box with her son.

Well...I can't actually give you any penny Valentine cards but I might be able to do something else you'd appreciate.

If you want to participate, leave me a comment with some sort of prompt (please do not leave me a fandom as I may not know it) and I will in turn post something for you. It could be a little ficlet or picspam or something I think you would enjoy!

As I will be writing a paper from Sunday to Friday, it is possible my stories will be delayed.

And if you want to do this in your space, feel free!
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Writing Round-Up for 2019

So my writing was sadly lacking this year, BUT I also completed my Gifted Classwork. In addition, I traveled to Utah for a fantastic conference (met Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher among other fantastic authors and people), acquired 3 more people in my house, had a shed taken down, and worked on an application to grad school (and got accepted!) So although my writing was slacking… my life was swamped!

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So that’s all of it… like I said a very brief writing year.

Christmas Cards 2019 and News

 Hey, y'all... I have no idea if anyone has been wondering why I didn't do a card post or anything... but I'm not sending cards this year. I've just got too much going on.

And I need to save money for my news... I got an email on Monday... I've been accepted to the 2020 Spring Cohort of Valdosta MLIS. So I'll be starting grad school in January!