Busy Lazy Day

I intended for today to be a lazy day... (it's my last unbooked Saturday for the next four weeks), but ended up doing a lot. Got the laundry done, worked on posters for work, put the registration on the car (only 10 days late), watched our shows with dragonydreams, returned some stuff (by mail), and got my sister's package ready to mail.

I also wrote 604 words... although none of them were on the stories I need to finish.

I also think I've decided what I'm going to prep for NaNo (although I don't do NaNo).

Successful Day!

I had a busy day... got up early and mowed the lawn (my front yard is no longer a jungle for my cat to hide in), then ran some errands. Once I got home, I finished watching Secret Invasion and watched all of Good Omens with dragonydreams.

Y'all if you loved Season 1 of Good Omens, tell EVERYONE to watch it (and season 2) this month. Well, from now until August 29. The viewing of this month is going to be what Amazon uses to decide if we get a Season 3. We might not know until after the strike though.

In addition to all that I finished my Patreon story for July and scheduled it for release on the 31st. I have August almost done so I'm excited about that. I wrote 1,073 words for the day which puts me almost at 11K for the month.

itsanonyx, it's over to you to close out our weekend.

This was supposed to be posted at 1_million_words... ooops

*puts mask on* *waves*

I had grand plans for this weekend for writing and starting to get back into the swing... these did not happen. I'm sick... not COVID, but sick (might end up going to Urgent Care again sick). Just went ahead and booked my appointment for tomorrow.

Anyway, didn't get any story words done, but I got 1,048 on other things (filling in my update for Inkingitout and answering Hot Seat questions).

And now I'm off to bed.

Looking Towards 2023

Hey, all. 2023 is swiftly approaching and I’m working on making some changes with my writing.

I will be rebranding all of my icons, graphics, etc, but haven’t quite chosen my format yet. I might put some of the decisions up for vote, but haven’t decided.

At the moment, I’m planning on posting blog entries every other month on my Patreon. In addition, I’m going to post a short story (500 to 1,000 words) based on a prompt I decide on every month. The short stories will be under one of the higher tiers on Patreon, while the blog entries will be at the lower tiers. Some of the blog entries will be public, but I haven’t decided what ones yet.

Beginning in June, I will start publishing a serialized story in addition to the short stories. That will hopefully give me some time to get a bit more of it written. At this time, I don’t know how long it will be, but it will be a complete novel by the end. I will offer publishing on demand when it is finished if readers are interested in a hard copy.

In September, I plan to publish my first novel. At the moment, it is plotted and planned, I just need to write it. Sometime around July or August, I will do a cover reveal, first on Patreon and later more publicly. As the months lead up to September, I’ll share information and teasers on Patreon and Facebook.

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Fleeing the Scene

...and now I want to write a story with that title... *adds it to my list*

Anyway. Like everyone else, I'm moving back to DW. I'll still peruse my friends' list here since I have some comms and all that haven't moved yet, but I'll only be posting on DW (when/if I post).

I'm shanachie_quill over there, too... so feel free to friend me or pop in and say hi.


LJ to DW

Since a lot of people are migrating over... Find me on DW (also with shanachie_quill). I haven't used much of either recently, but I'll try to work out my DW account. I still have a couple of comms (and a bunch of friends) here so I won't be completely migrating yet. If you'd rather FB or tumblr, send me a message and I'll tell you who I am there.


Help please?

Hey, y'all. I need help. I'm working on a contemporary YA that takes place at a summer camp (think archery, hikes, arts and crafts, swimming). But. I need a camp song! I don't want to recycle something, I'd like something new.

I will give you credit and put your name in the acknowledgments. (I earn no money from this publication.)

But I need help!

Oh, the camp is Birdsong.

Beta Needed

 Hey y'all, I need some betas for some Christmas presents. All of them are short, I don't think any of them are longer than 1K, and I just need someone to do a run through. I've starred the ones that are finished so if you want a word count, I can give those.

These are the fandoms:
1. SPN (wee!chesters)**
2. Prodigal Son**
3. Killjoys
4. Julie & the Phantoms
5. Haven
6. Chicago Fire**
7. H50/Suits
8. 4 original stories (1**)

Thanks for even considering it. All of my usual betas are giftees so I can't ask them.