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Wal-Mart Fail

I went to Wal-Mart today (on a Saturday, I know... but I had my headphones and I was just casually doing a little shopping).

One of the things on my list was ink for my printer. Now I'd rather buy it elsewhere, but that store isn't open conveniently, so I decided to buy it at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart has two sizes of ink (regular and XL), but three prices. Awesome. The regular is 19 dollars. The XL is both 39 and 14 dollars. Whaaat? Okay, so I am absolutely okay with paying 14 dollars for the larger size.

So I grab an XL (from the 14 dollar price) and snap a picture of the price because I just know this is going to be an argument.

Sure enough when I get to the register it rings up as 39 dollars. So I show the cashier the picture and she says it's not her job to comment on prices, she "just rings up the items". (Seriously?! I worked retail for like 9 years and even I know that part of your job is to be aware in general of the prices of things.)

So she goes wandering off to find someone... and I wait and wait and wait. The supervisor comes back and I show her the picture. She says that doesn't look right, but she'll go back and look at it. I insist on going with her. And we walk back.

I show her where the ink was, the price (which is still there), and where the ink was. She pulls it out, looks at it, and looks at the UPC. Then says because they don't match, the price can't be honored.

Um WHAT? The ink was in that slot, everything (the name, the size, the product) MATCHES. No customer is going to look at the FREAKING UPC. In fact she says to me that a cutomer isn't expected to compare UPCs, but she won't honor it because it doesn't match.

Then she says "Well, I'll give you 10% off the 39 dollars." How is that satisfying me? That's LESS than 4 dollars off!

I argued that it wasn't my fault the ink was put in the wrong place and since it was the same product, the price should be honored. She said it wouldn't be honored and they would have more of the cheaper ink on Monday.

Needless to say... I have no ink.

Rebels Final Count

 All right y'all... it's that time. How did you do for the month of November? Did you make your goals? Almost make your goals? How are you feeling?

Inquring minds want to know...

I'm working on a prize for everyone that made it... but it's going to take me a bit. :-)

Also... do we want to do this again next year?


I just realized that I haven't posted a story here in a while... and people might be wondering what happened... I'm pretty much exclusively posting to AO3 now. I'll still answer commentfic here on the comm and I'll post mini-prompts and answers here (like the trick or treat meme last month), but longer stories will be posted on AO3.

If you're interested, my dashboard is here and my username is Shanachie. If you're a member, you can subscribe to me.

At least for the moment, I won't be posting stories here. Eventually I'll move everything here over there. I probably won't delete them from here though.


Rebels Check In

Just a check in for my rebels group. How are y’all doing? We’re almost halfway through the month. How are you progressing on your goals? I haven’t posted any prompts because I feel like we all had goals that didn’t need prompts, but if you want some, please let me know!

Hope y’all had a good weekend and are diving into the week!

Knock Knock Trick or Treat

bumping--last chance to trick or treat

As soon as I finish my [personal profile] spook_me  story, I'm going to write these.

snagged from evil_little_dog

"In honour of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and you will get a treat! Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc)

The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!"

NaNo Rebels

Don't want to write a 50K novel next month? Don't have time to write daily?

Be a NaNo Rebel!

Instead of trying to write a novel or write daily, make a goal and meet it.

You have three ways to join:

1) Make a word count goal for the month.

2) Make a story goal for the month.

3) Make a word count AND story goal for the month.

Just comment to this post with your goal if you'd like to join. I'll post prompts, reminders, etc during the month of November.

Christmas Fic Update

I want y'all to know I love you.

Buuuut... I can't do Christmas fics this year :-(

I got accepted into a cohort at work which means more work for me. I'm taking a class! And I need to pass it or I'm going to have to pay for it. I'm so sorry! I'm saving everything and hopefully I'll be able to write them for a Christmas in July.

Tagging angelskuuipo, dragonydreams, illfindmyway, lillyg, serenelystrange, whogeek, chrismouse, asphaltcowgrrl, daria234, irishjeeper, nienna87, and elebridith.

I'm still planning to send Christmas cards and hopefully I'll be able to write a poem for those.

Sorry y'all!

Spook Me Fic-a-Thon

The fabulous brumeier pimped Spook_Me a few days ago and it looked intriguing so I checked it out. It sounded like so much fun that I'm signing up! If you like Halloween or spooking stories... check it out!

It's multifandom so you can write whatever fandom you want. You pick a monster and your fandom...and you get two picture prompts (if I'm reading it correctly). And then you write!

[personal profile] spook_me  (at dreamwidth) or spook_me (at LJ) and you don't even have to have an account to sign up, just an email!


FIC Shenanigans

Tony’s eyes cracked open and then immediately slammed shut at the sight of the red-haired goddess standing in front of him. His eyes cracked open again just enough to see her arms come up and cross over her chest. “I know you’re awake, Mr. Stark.”

“Lies. Lies and slander,” Tony declared before groaning at the level of noise he made.

“JAVRIS, program Stark wake up,” Pepper requested.

“Yes, Miss Potts,” the AI replied.

As JARVIS finished speaking, the 1812 Overture blasted out of the speakers. Tony rolled, grabbing at his ears, and falling to the floor; all in the same motion.

Pepper arched an eyebrow in response, looking at the man now sprawled across the laboratory floor. “Do you have an explanation?”

I’m sure drunk me had my reasons,” Tony attempted.

“Drunk you always thinks you have reasons. And then you blow up half the lab.”

“I didn’t blow anything up… this time.” Tony struggled into a sitting position and attempted to look around. “Did I?”

“You tell me,” Pepper said. “What did you do last night? U and Dummy and Butterfingers all seem to be in one piece, but you’ve got machinery all over the place. And an… I don’t even know over there. Were you building an Eiffel Tower?”

“Yes. No. Yes.” Tony tilted his head sideways before pulling himself into a standing position and looked at the tower he’d apparently been building. “Maaaybe?”

Pepper crossed her arms again. “Mr. Stark.”

“Miss Potts,” Tony returned.

Pepper gave up on getting any sense out of him since it seemed like he was still halfway to drunk. “You have a meeting in thirty minutes. I suggest you be presentable then.” Turning on her spike heel, she headed out of the lab.

Tony dropped back to the floor as if his strings had been cut as soon as she disappeared. “I don’t think she’s too happy with me,” he commented.

“Miss Potts does not appear to be pleased with you, Sir,” JARVIS agreed.

Tony mumbled some sort of agreement and motioned to the tower. “Any record of what I was building?”

“You did not feel fit to share your plans with me or my data banks last night, Sir,” JARVIS replied. There was a pause and then he continued, “Miss Potts is correct that you have a meeting in less than thirty minutes now.”

“Coffee me then. And let’s get me changed.” Tony studied the tower he had apparently built after drinking a bottle or two of scotch the night before. “Drunk me must have had an awesome idea… I wish I could remember what it was.”

Word count 438



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