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Losers Fic Is Here!
The Losers are badasses to the core.
Anyone else would be dead by now.

The Losers a group of special forces commandos screwed by their own government who are trying to clear their names and come back from the dead was a movie based on the Vertigo comics. If you loved the movie and can’t get enough; but aren’t quite ready to dive into writing your own Losers fic. I’ve got some recs for you. I’m probably not going to spoiler warn here…so please check warnings, etc before reading the stories. And those of you who know me…know I pretty much read anything, but I don’t rec unless the stories are well written and well formatted. It’s gotta be very, very well done for me to ignore grammar/spelling issues.

Which doesn’t mean PG or G rated…just not pairings or obvious pairings.

Devil’s Brigade After the Port of LA fight, Jensen reminisces about the most important guy in his life (**Note: I can’t actually decide if I really like this one or not…but it’s well written and a good story so I’m gonna include it…maybe someone else can give me an opinion?)

Living Just to Find Emotion by snowdarkred  Summery: You don't get to be in a unit like the Losers without a lot of baggage and the special brand of crazy that comes with it.

these things get louder (or, five times the losers met the a-team) by storm_ petrel Summary: “That’s the thing about the revenge business,” says Jensen. “It doesn’t pay much, but you meet the most interesting people.”

Bonding by maratonista  Summary: Roque doesn’t like him. Doesn’t think Jensen can pull his own weight. Even says, no holds barred, that Jensen is a stupid fucking kid who is going to get them all killed.

(Mainly Pooch/Jolene)

Pearls for Promises by zillah_fic  Summary: Some things are just for the two of them.

(Mainly Cougar/Jensen)

Estaci Del Anima by LaVioleBlance Summary: Cougar has bad dreams, which are par for the course for Cougar. This time it's different, though. This time it's Jensen.

The New Guy Not a fic…but short and amusing

A Little Small Talk, A Smile (and, Baby, I Was Stuck) by entropynchaos  Summary: It gets to the point where Jensen can carry on a whole conversation with the man with Cougar saying less than twenty words and only threatening to shoot Jensen once or twice a week. It’s easy, this slide into possible-friendship – because that’s all this is, no matter which way Jensen looks at it; just friendship – and sometimes Jensen has to wonder why.

I’m just a soul (whose intentions are good) by storm_petrel Cougar/Jensen first time fic where Jensen is obvious and Cougar is clueless.

Cougar/Jensen Comment Fic by maratonista  just 3 different comment fics

Belonging Series by maratonista  Summary: Cougar/Jensen series this is still on-going but she’s working on it. Scroll to the bottom and read up to the top Last one was published 7/31

Two pair by maratonista  Summary: Before they were Losers, they were two pairs waiting for someone to bridge the gap. Or, Clay and Roque silently try not to kill each other, while Jensen and Cougar silently try not to kill everyone else.

Alternative Universes

emocezi ’s Shifter Verse
Stuck in a Rut It's not a big deal and not something they normally talk about, but when Jensen goes into heat for the first time, it becomes a problem--it's really hard to focus on the mission when Jensen's practically panting for it without even realizing he's giving off "come fuck me" vibes. Having lusted after the hacker for years, Cougar can't take it any more; he decides to put everyone out of their misery and mates with Jensen--who becomes very enthusiastic about the idea.
Alpha’s Turn
Rebel Yell
Sneaky Fuck
Getting it

alive with the glory of love ‘verse by snowdarkred  girl!jensen verse this is NOT gender swap in the normal sense. Jensen has always been a girl and it’s fricken AWESOME!

Stay in the Kitchen (When the Kitchen Gets Hot) by greatunironic  Summary: Look, Jensen doesn’t care what anyone else thinks: she’s got a fucking plan, all right? (The Losers, AU)

Normality Is Such An Over-Rated Word by entropynchaos  Summary: It’s a little difficult to feel like the weird one when there’s a tech-ghost and a hell-fiend on the same team as you.

The First Eight Don’t Count by storm_petrel Summary: Cats, man. Not to be trusted.

Half as much again by maratonista  Summary: The one where Jensen gets deaged, and the rest of the team quietly (or not so quietly) freak the fuck out. **This is a WIP hopefully she’ll finish it soon.

Okay that’s all for tonight…enjoy!
WooHoo! I'll probably add more soon. I'm still sorting through things.

Lemme know which ones you like? And I didn't put any of mine on...figured I'd stay away from shameless self-promotion.

I've got one I finished this morning, but I need to take a nap and then type it (yes in that order--stupid insomnia is stupid).
Yup, I'll let you know! Oh, I read the one by merry_gentry already, just forgot to comment on it *facepalm* Loved it! Awesome AU, hope she does more!

And you have one posted too! :-) Will read later!
I've been bad about commenting. I did on a couple and encouraged them to come choose a prompt from our losers mini bang...but that's about it.

Yeah I like Merry...she's got some good stuff in there (Leverage and possibly SPN too if I remember correctly--but my lack of sleep is making me dopey)

*giggles* I actually have like 4? I think 4 posted. Click the losers fic tag in my sidebar and it'll take you to all of them or I can give you links if you want.
Anytime. If I didn't think they were good and/or really enjoy reading...I wouldn't rec them. And trust me...I am a major ass bitch when it comes to recs because I'm an English teacher. So I don't just look for story lines, but also grammar, punctuation, and structure.

Kewl. Lemme know what you think of the new ones? And honestly if the author has more than one on here--I'd suggest reading the others by that author.
English major for high school and college (it even says it on my diploma), advanced placement English in junior high, teach English now. I might be a tad bit OCD about the English grammar thing.

Haha yes! I'm all about luring people in. Of course I was lured in. I was good this last time too and didn't pimp myself.

Sidebar--aaaww Neal flipped his hat :-) He's sooo adorable.

More than likely what I'll do is make a completely new page and then link back to the old one...and I'm considering doing it while I'm in Savannah on Monday or Tuesday depending on what our plans are. I have a list of stories (a lot of which are on losers_fic) so you've probably seen a lot of them.
Um, yeah? I'm in Columbus at the family lives there and we're visiting and have been for a while. My best friend lives in Savannah so I'm driving over to see him on Sunday. PM me if ya want more information.

I got my copy on a totally legal website (uh-huh yes I did) when a friend was telling me how much she loved it and was sick and not feeling well. And I just kinda fell in love with it. And the rest as they say is history.

Yes! Isn't he?! I'm watching the marathon cause I'm to lazy to get off my ass and go change the channel. (My aunt lost her remote.)
LOL I know the feeling. A lot of my fandom friends are in England and Germany. One of them actually lives stateside, but is currently working in Africa. Why? I have nooo idea. Well I do, but its long and complicated and yeah. A few of my fandom friends are stateside thankfully. Every once in a while I get to see/hang out with them.

I just don't go to the theater that much. But that's my own personal hang-ups. And has nothing to do with anyone else.

Yeah I'm watching :-) And I think Eureka and Haven tonight...but damn it I wanna go to the bookstore. Gotta go talk to my momo...since I don't have wheels. your comments about totally legally.
You are a dork...but in a totally awesome way!

You have an awesome headcanon...mine changes on a daily basis sometimes.

*giggles* I love the word hinky. Ranks right up there with heebie jeebies.
This sounds rightously awesome! Except for one minor detail...Hardison is not ex-CIA. He's hacked the CIA and he creates CIA level aliases...but he's not and never has been might wanna change that (or just don't put that it's canon). He has been FBI numerous times.

Garcia became FBI because she hacked the FBI if that helps...and got caught.

*giggles* you are a huge dork, but it's okay.
That's awesome. I haven't read through the kudos to you!

And I'm back from Savannah now so I should have a better turn around to answer you. And I will hopefully get to that email later this week. We're supposed to leave for home Thursday so it might not be until I get home though depending on what happens tomorrow.
Re: This is where I bather on about plot; sorry
Blather away...I don't have anything coherent to say back other than awesome-ness I can't wait to read!

Also you could have a connection between Auggie and Eliot if you want--since both are ex-Army.

Yes, Jensen probably would have known. Wow, I really just can't address all this at the moment...because you've laid out how all neatly and I just bow to your awesomeness at the moment!

*hugs* I think you've gotten a great start!

(PS John Rogers is the one who writes the blog. He is totally awesome and completely rocks in person! And I've got his blog marked somewhere...)

I'm sure I have more to say, but I wanna attempt to get through the rest of my emails...and maybe get some writing done.