Writing Anniversaries

I was talking with a friend about anniversaries recently. Writing anniversaries to be specific. She had a semi-important one coming up (her one year anniversary in a specific fandom) and was working on hitting a milestone number of stories written and posted in that fandom in time for it.

I commented that I didn’t think I’d ever marked my writing anniversary like she and another friend tend to. In fact, off the top of my head I couldn’t even remember when any of my writing anniversaries are. The more I thought about it though, the more I wondered when my writing anniversary (anniversaries) are.

The date I joined my writing group is easily discoverable and actually I do sort of celebrate that every year, although the group calls it a “birthday”. I simply needed to log into my account and access my information. I’ve been a proud member of my writing group since May 28, 2003.

My other two anniversaries are a little more difficult to discover. Not because I’m trying to hide them, but because the information isn’t online. One part was never online and the other has been removed for the time being.

So my next step was to discover my fanfic anniversary—the day I published my first fandom story. That took a little hunting through jump drives since I’m in the process of changing computers and moving my stories between sites. The first day I published a fanfic story was August 6, 2007.

There was one more anniversary I was interested in finding. The day I started writing my very first novel. While that novel will never see the light of day, that day is very important to me. Luckily the actual day was not just the day I started my novel, but also the first day of Operation Desert Storm: January 17, 1991. Now this isn’t the day I started writing, just the day I started my first novel.

So how about you? Do you celebrate writing anniversaries? Do you do anything special? I don’t normally, but I’m considering doing something this year. I’ll be hitting my 14, 10, and 26 year anniversaries this year. So at least one milestone this year!

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You already know my story. ;)

Those are exciting anniversaries to be aware of.

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I hadn't ever thought to keep track. Huh.
But congratulations to you!!
Neither had I until my friend mentioned something. Thanks! I feel like I should do something for my 10 year.
You know, I've been writing so long, and the first things I ever wrote were fanfiction because that was how my brain worked. As a kid, I played Little Mermaid and pirate adventures I read from books, so when I finally wrote, it was also fanfic, and so I don't know what, if anything, my anniversaries are, but I know I've been at this for a while, before I even knew what fandom was.

Congrats on your many anniversaries and your long time writing. Well done! So glad to have you in fandom :)
I don't even remember the first things I wrote. I do remember telling friends stories when we were playing as kids. I was always the one who made up the "stories" when we played games and cops and robbers and such. The one who made up the mysteries and cases and all. I also played dungeons and dragons as a teenager. But yeah, I'm sure I've been writing longer than that, those are just the dates, things I remember.

Thank you! :-) I always swore for years that I wouldn't write fanfic, but now look at me.
Happy Writingversaries!

As you know, I celebrate when I posted my first fic, the date of which also happens to be Thomas' birthday.
Thank you! I feel like I should do something for the 10 year, but I dunno what.

I know you do. :-) It's pretty awesome.
Congrats on your anniversaries! I have never thought about a writing anniversary. Well, I get the happy birthday/anniversary announcements from WDC on March 8, (2009) but I've never been bold enough, yet, to post any of my writing on there. I read and I have my email and maybe this will be the year I start posting! :D My first fic on fanficnet was posted on May 16, 2004. Although, I posted some fic over on an ezboard I'm sure before that. Ahh, it worked! Just logged in (yuku now) and my first post they have was April 2, 2002. Wow. Did not realize I'd been writing fanfic that long! No wonder I have so much of it and so many different fandoms! :D And I really need to get in gear and move it all over to AO3.
As for original fic, I have no idea. I know I started writing stories in 3rd grade (1979-1980?) and I wrote quite a few in 5th grade (1981-1982?). Wrote a song in middle school (horrible) and most of my poetry I started in 8th grade (not much better and in 1984-1985?). Novel length was maybe 9th or 10th grade but never finished. *sigh* So much of my writing I've never finished. Working on fixing that now, though! I think I calculated those correctly. Born in 1971 and always turned the normal school age just before school started each year. I guess I've always loved to write and when I was really young, I made up stories all the time and told family, or my imaginary friends. :D

I'm going to start poking at you until you post something on there!

Go you! I don't remember when exactly I started writing, but I know it was before the first date. I just remember that date in particular.