Beta Help

So normally I have a great crew of girls that read my stories before I post them, but I have an obession that none of them watch.

If anyone watches Crossing Lines (specifically season 2) and is willing to take a look at a couple of fics for me, please drop me a comment.

Thanks! (Alternatively if you're willing to read just to read... let me know.)

(The show is on Netflix and if you'd like to watch the episodes needed, let me know... I'm still working on the stories...)

Current Fic List

I'm using the same list from last year, but I'm updating it with the stories I'm working on now or the ones I've added. And removed the ones I've finished. Also added the ones I'd left vague. And this is it. I WILL NOT ADD MORE THIS YEAR! (Well, I have to determine what I'm going to edit.)

Okay I want to try to finish fics that I've promised for presents (plus a couple of others I have in my head). For those that don't know, work is really kicking my butt so writing has been slow since the job started. This is my plan... taking off from my Fic List on what I will be working on.

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Goals for 2017

**To be Edited or Updated as Needed

I decided not to do Dear Me this year, but I still want to have goals and plans for this year. With that in mind, I’ve made some plans and goals for the year. This is just an outline that I will update and make more concrete plans as I decide what I am going to do.

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I've made some lists on my writing site and will be updating them there (for 2 reasons) one I don't want to clutter up this with all the different lists and two I don't want to keep repeating myself. My fic list will remain here and there, but everything else is only there.

Lists! Lists! All the Lists!
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Mini-NaNo Banners!

Back in November, I participated (as I have the last few years) in Mini-NaNo here on DW/LJ. Our banners have finally been released and I earned all of them!

Look at me go!
 photo miniwrimo 2016 participant_zpswppasmiq.png

 photo miniwrimo 2016 daily champions_zps0arpl8nu.png

 photo miniwrimo 2016 word count winner_zpso6x3rwxj.png

 photo miniwrimo 2016 big winners_zpss0gbk0xe.png

If you’d like to participate this coming November, please join us at Mini-NaNo on LJ or check it out on DW (sorry I don’t have the link for DW).

To Do List (Updated)

I have two and a half days left for my vacation :-(

Granted my first two days back are meetings and no kids, but still. It’s been nice and relaxing. Today I’m home and waiting for “snowmagedeon” (really, not thinking we’re gonna get much since it’s over 40 degrees right now, but everyone is panicking.)

I did pretty well on my to do list for vacation so I thought I’d redo the list for these last couple of days since there’s some things I need to do instead.

This is the list I’ve written today and then I’ll add the things I didn’t get finished at the bottom… we’ll see how much I get done over the weekend:

1. Finish writing goals for the year
2. Holiday stories
3. Check transcript—list ed courses
4. Check to do list
5. Gather embroidery pix
6. Take down Christmas stuff
7. Connect with irishjeeper on fitbit
8. Make cake

9. Upload mini-nano banners
10. Frost cake
11. Dishes
12. Answer comments
13. Look for fabric and patterns for T
14. Review for car

And from last week:
15. Whogeek’s blanket
16. Whogeek’s box
17. Write hair story
18. Valdosta essays
19. Look for work
20. QBA data?
21. Review Magic book
22. Decide on Fire character
23. Lesson plans?
24. Work on other sewing gifts--finished Dragonydream's part one
25. Continue working on birthday gift for B
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Fic Round Up 2016

I wrote a total of 65 stories in 2016; 54 fanfic and 11 original stories. In addition I published my first story on Amazon When the Prince Didn’t Come in Time I don’t have a total word count, but I fell off towards the end of the year because of my new job and other stressors.

I haven’t decided on goals quite yet for the New Year, but I’ll be doing them in the next few days and hopefully be sticking to them. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do “Dear Me” for this year or just do goals.

Original fic: 11 stories, forums, etc
Original FicCollapse )

FanFic (All links are Dreamwidth, stories are mirrored to LJ and should also be on AO3)
By the Month and I dropped off towards the end of the year due to the new job, etc.

January 8 stories
JanuaryCollapse )

February 7 stories (comment fic counted as one)
FebruaryCollapse )

March 5 fics (Comment fics counted as one)
MarchCollapse )

April 9 stories (Comment fic counts as one)
AprilCollapse )

May 8 stories (Comment fics count as one)
MayCollapse )

June 2 stories
JuneCollapse )

August 1 story
AugustCollapse )

October 8 stories
OctoberCollapse )

November 1 story
NovemberCollapse )

December 5 stories
DecemberCollapse )


Happy New Year!

 Hey y'all. Hope you're having a safe and happy new year. I'll post a fic round up and goals and such tomorrow or the next day.

Right now I walked over 5K steps today at the Infantry Museum with illfindmyway and now we're snacking and watching movies to ring in the new year.

Have a happy one!
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Happy Holidays...who wants fic?

Idea snagged from daria234.

So I know I'm not going to finish the stories from my fic list before the holidays. I'm still working on them, but meanwhile...

If I know the fandom and characters, I'll do my best.

Post here with:

Character or pairing:
Your ao3 name if you have one:

Prefer no requests on grief, injury or serious illness, scat, watersports, bestiality, underage, parent-child incest.

If you don't have a specific prompt, at least answer:
Which of these genres do you like: Banter, crack, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, porn, gen, established relationship, pre-relationship
Do you want sexual content: Yes/no/either way
If yes or either way, how do you feel about kink? Yes/no/either way

I'm going to try to keep the responses under 500 words. I reserve the right to tell you no OR kick the prompt back if you don't use the right format.

Happy holidays!

Prompt requests will be closed December 31st.

RIP Princess

I've been trying to figure out all day how to pay homage to Carrie Fisher. Because you see, Carrie Fisher is the hero of my generation. I was born the year A New Hope premeried and I grew up playing Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and yes, Princess Leia. And how awesome was it, that the PRINCESS got to rescue the boy?

So really is there anyway to pay homage to the woman that showed a generation of little girls that a woman could be the hero?

I know she had her moments and her weaknesses, but that only made her more of a hero.

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To Do

So this is all the things I’d like to accomplish before I go back to work on the 9th. Yes Jan 9th! Some I’ll have to repeat of course and some have hard due dates (which I’ve included), but I have plenty of time to work.

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